Why Local Businesses Need Internet Marketing

Small Businesses Need Internet Marketing

Small businesses may consider themselves miniscule compared to industry giants but they should not sparer themselves from extensive marketing of their products and services.

And since small or local businesses do not have the huge budget of big companies and multinationals, tapping into internet marketing is the most logical thing for them to do.

The website Business 2 Community enumerated seven reasons why local businesses need internet marketing by a competitive San Diego Search Engine Optimization Company. “The return-on-investment for content and social media marketing is incredible. For a few hundred bucks a month (from most firms), you can reach thousands of customers on social media, talk with industry leaders through blogs and LinkedIn, and build up a stronger market base. Better yet, online marketing is easy to monitor. This allows you to see just how effective each of your online assets is.” Read the rest of the list here.

Huffington Post also has its own list as to why Internet Marketing is a necessity for small companies.

“The truth is, a company will never gain new online customers— and even in-person consumers— if the business does not have a strong online presence. There are close to five billion Google searches a day and over one billion active Facebook users. It’s hard to argue that at least some of those users won’t be interested in searching for a local products or services. With online advertising alone, small businesses can target specific demographics and geographic regions; reaching hundreds of potential customers online.”

Forbes for its part pointed out in this article that internet marketing is beneficial and important because times have changed. “Almost every American has access to and regularly uses the Internet. Most of us, when we hear of a business for the first time, immediately look for a website or social media profile where we can learn more. We don’t stop in for a visit. We don’t look you up in a phone book. We don’t consult a rolodex. People expect you to have a website, and if you don’t, they may doubt your legitimacy or discard you as a potential option altogether. There’s a “bare minimum” standard that consumers expect to see of businesses online, so strive to achieve at least that.”

Internet marketing is important to any business – especially small businesses as it somehow levels the playing field for local, national and multinational firms in terms of marketing their goods and services.

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