How to Properly Care for an iPhone 6 Handset

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Caring for an iPhone 6 handset is no different from the usual care that any phone owner should have for his handset. Most phone owners believe a shock proof casing is a must on any handset, especially those that command quite a price like the iPhone 6.  No owner would like to see his handset dropping on the floor accidentally, or getting thrown by his child out of playfulness without the adequate protection of a shock-proof cover.

Shock proof covers are mostly available in mobile phone accessories shops, but it is of course best to buy one that is made by the same manufacturer. With this the handset owner can be sure that all the features of the shock-proof casing are compatible with that of the mobile phone unit. When an owner buys an accessory from unofficial producers, he runs the risk of buying something that is not perfectly suited for the phone or the particular model. Ike the possibility that the charger will not fit thee slits or openings in the shock proof casing. Or that there is no opening that could accommodate an ear phone jack.

Another way to properly care for an iPhone 6 handset is to ensure that it will not come into contact with water or even moisture. Dampness, as well as water droppings, or worse being submerged in water will not only damage the iPhone, it can also void the warranty. So iPhone 6 owners may want to ensure that whenever they eat or drink with their iPhones on the table, the handset should have enough distance from possible liquid spills.

It is also best to ensure that mobile Phones like the iPhone 6 are kept far from children’s reach Apart from the fact that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend zero gadget exposure for babies two years old and below, babies and toddlers are notorious for damaging mobile phones by dropping them, drooling on them, hitting it with a hard object, or even using it to hit another object, and of course submerging it on water or pouring liquids on it. It will be best to keep phones away from children.

Another safe handling procedure that iPhone 6 Owners may want to have in mind is to use a screen protector for the IPhone. And while such will not totally eliminate the risk of scratches, or breakage, it can at least “soften the blow” on the LCD screen when it suddenly hits something or rubs off into something abrasive that can cause damage.

Another way to care for an IPhone 6 is to keep it away from prying hands. Cellphone theft is so rampant, that mobile phones should not be left unattended even in public places. Some phone owners who have lost their cellphones reported that their cellphone disappeared literally under their noses as prying eyes and quick hands take their phones away from them. Apart from being vigilant and extra careful, signing up for a mobile phone insurance is always a great idea, and so is constant backing up of phone data. iPhone 5 repair San Diego View More

To sum up here are some proper care tips for an IPhone 6 (or any similar high-end hone for that matter):

  1. Use shock proof casing that is intended for the handset, and as much as possible from the same manufacturer.
  2. Protect it from liquid sills and possible water damage.
  3. Keep it away from children’s reach.
  4. Use a screen protector.
  5. Be vigilant against mobile phone thieves

Should an owner encounter an issue with his IPhone 6, it is best to have it assessed and repaired by a well-trained expert and Best iPhone Repair San Diego so as not to permanently damage the handset and at the same time salvage the data on it that has yet to be backed up.

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