How to Find a Water Damage Repair Company in San Diego

What to Do When the Basement Gets Flooded

A flooded basement can definitely cause stress to any homeowner. Whether it is caused by a sump pump failure, an HVAC problem, or weather disturbance, what is clear is that flooding can be destructive and it will definitely cause damage to the basement structure and furnishings if the owner fails to restore the area right away.

So how does a homeowner deal with basement flooding? How to Find a Water Damage Repair Company in San Diego?

How to Find a Water Damage Repair Company in San Diego
Basement flooding can be very dangerous especially if it has reached the levels of electrical outlets. (Photo Credit)

The website offered its readers comprehensive advice on the matter. “If you have standing water, or water actively flowing into your basement, do not attempt to wade through the water until you shut off your electricity to the area and be absolutely sure that there are no open circuits standing in the water. When you’ve checked on the electricity, call a sub-pump installer, basement contractor or foundation contractor. You’ll want to use a bucket or a wet vacuum to suck up as much water as possible.”

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Basement Flooding

Popular Mechanics also offered pieces of advice on basement flooding, and strongly cautioned homeowners about the electrocution hazards the flooding poses. – Free Estimate Service

“A deeply flooded basement, on the other hand, is deadly. Once water reaches above the height of outlets, you’ve got a more profound risk of electrocution, especially if the service panel is also located in the basement. You can’t go into the basement safely until it’s drained, so call the fire department to get the basement pumped or rent a heavy-duty gas-engine pump (assuming the rental store has any left) and do it yourself. Get the hose into the water by feeding it down from the basement stairs.”

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Dealing with Flooding

Basement Guides also has the same tips to homeowners. And after it emphasized on the electrical safety factor, it also moved on to the other steps to take when dealing with a flooded basement.

“The water filling your basement could be contaminated by sewage, this is another health hazard that requires experienced professionals as well as protective gear. Another safety concern that can arise is if the flooding is so significant that it damages the integrity of the building materials. If it is safe, find the source of the water. If your basement flooding is on the less severe end and it is safe to go down to investigate the issue, you will need to determine the source of the water infiltration.”

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Dealing with a flooded basement requires a ot of safety precaution. Aside from it being a stressful occurrence, it is also a safety risk as it can cause electrocution.

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