Tips on using Vape

smoke shop chicagoVaping or using an Ecig may look simple and easy but there are do’s and don’t that have to be followed when using vape, and there are care instructions that need to be carried out to make vaping experience an eve more pleasurable one.

Here are some tips on using Vape:

  1. Choose the right vaporizer. Everything emanates from the vaporizer so, if you happened to choose the wrong one then chances are your experience will not be as pleasant. Consider investing on a good vaporizer – something that is not cheap (but not too expensive), and definitely authentic as against knock offs. When choosing the right vaporizer, one must first ask him or herself the type of vaporizer to use and when he or she will likely be vaping. When vaping outdoors or anywhere, one can easily choose lightweight ones, which usually resemble a traditional cigarette. A vaporizer suitable for home though is bulkier and would resemble a pen than a tobacco based traditional cigar.
  2. Do care for your vaporizer. Clean it after use, and clean it before storing. You can use moist wipes in cleaning it as it can really be dirty especially the mouthpiece and where it handled. Do not overcharge it or leave it charging on its own for a longer period of time. Never charge it hanging from the wire, instead make sure that it is laid on top of a table or any hard and even surface when charging its batteries. Exercise the usual caution in the use of lithium ion batteries which usually come with the vaporizing instrument. Keep it in a protective case too when not in use, and when travelling.
  3. Never leave your vaporizer in a hot car. Leaving a vaporizer inside a car during extreme temperature may have drawbacks. For instance during the heat of the summer, leaving the vape pen in the car exposed to harsh sunlight and heat, could prompt e-liquid cartridge to leak. This is because the e-juice or the e-liquid inside the vaping pen can become too viscous and cause the tank to leak. Super low temperatures will meantime cause the vaping pen to break.
  4. Keep it dry. Like any other electronic device, Ecigs whether pen-style, traditional cigarette style, or MOD, should be kept dry all the time. Avoid getting it into contact with water as it may damage the batteries and electronics that make the vape functional. It is also a good idea to keep the vaping pen in a waterproof protective container so it can remain protected from being exposed on water even when not in use.
  5. Avoid dropping it. Again a vaporizer is still an electronic device and should therefore not be dropped needlessly as I may cause malfunctioning, and leaking. While most Ecig hardware may be durable, this certainly does not mean that it can be dropped on hard surfaces such as floorings because it can still get damaged. Putting it in a protective container to minimize damage when dropped could be the best way to go. A protective container can help protect it from bumps and accidental dropping.
  6. Use the appropriate batteries and chargers. Never use batteries that are low quality or imitation because such move may backfire and could even cause malfunctioning of your device. Also, charge the Ecig vaporizer using the charger that came with it, and not any other available cable in your home or office.
  7. Turn off your vaporizer when not in use. By turning off your vaporizer, this gives it a chance to totally cool down, and minimizes the possibility of it accidentally getting turned on. This will also minimize mindless use of battery, since keeping it on even when not in use will surely consume power.

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