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Computer Forensics Resources — Overview is committed to building a library of computer forensics resources for attorneys, judges, computer forensics experts, and the public. Currently, the resources are divided into three categories: 1) Digests of federal and state judicial opinions which deal to one degree or another with computer forensics; 2) Copies of the site’s monthly newsletters; and 3) Links to news articles dealing with various aspects of computer forensics. Additional information can be found by clicking on the section headings below.

Case Digests

Over the last several years, judges at all levels have received a crash course in computer hardware and software, as more and more of the world’s information is stored and distributed electronically. The growing importance of computer forensics offers endlessly fascinating examples of how long-standing legal precepts are applied to emerging technologies. The goal of these case digests is to provide lawyers, computer forensics specialists, and the courts with a resource to better understand the interplay between digital technology and the law, and to better and more thoughtfully protect our constitutional freedoms in a rapidly-changing world.

Monthly Newsletters

Each month, I send out a newsletter highlighting the most significant court decisions for the preceding month. The newsletter also contains updates regarding my lecture appearances and other computer forensics-related news. If you are interested in receiving the newsletter directly in your inbox, register on the site and I will add you to the site’s mailing list.

Computer Forensics Headlines

Over the years, I’ve collected and stored many thousand articles relating to the topics I’ve researched for my books and Web sites. Click on the section heading to see my list of articles relating to computer forensics. If you’re interested in seeing links to articles on the online adult industry, workplace privacy, the American battle over decency, separation of church and state, and the right to privacy, click on the appropriate link.