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What Is Computer Forensics?

Computer forensics is the science (and art) of identifying and retrieving information from electronic devices, often after it has been deleted or otherwise altered. It is a subset of electronic discovery, the more-or-less voluntary exchange of discoverable material stored in electronic form.

What’s On This Site? is a publication of Frederick S. Lane, a Vermont-based author, attorney, expert witness, and lecturer. The goal of the site is to provide attorneys, computer forensics specialists, law enforcement, and other interested individuals with up-to-date information about court decisions and news relating to the field of computer forensics. Priority is given to cases in which some aspect of the computer forensics process is at issue, either as part of a pre-trial motion or on appeal. Not surprisingly, the bulk of these cases will involve disputes over the seizure and search of electronic devices. Some cases will be noted and summarized when there is a particularly thorough discussion of the computer forensics process, or where computer forensics is used in an unusual way.

In addition to case summaries, this site tracks news stories dealing with the role of computer forensics in civil and criminal cases. A closely-related goal is tracking and summarizing the various technological innovations that make computer forensics and electronic discovery such a fascinating and intellectually-challenging field.

The site currently contains the following resources:

FSL Biography — a brief biography of site author Frederick Lane.
FSL Resume — a current copy of the C.V. of site author Frederick Lane
Expert Witness Services — a summary of Frederick Lane’s work as an expert witness in the field of computer forensics
Lectures and Seminars — a listing of Frederick Lane’s presentations on law, technology, and computer forensics
Freelance Writing — a listing of Frederick Lane’s work as an author and freelance writer

FSL Biography

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