About Electricians

The Four Main Types of Electricians

Unknown to most people there are different types of electricians. Trainings, skills, expertise, and clientele or work environment differentiate them from one another.

The most common electrician though is the residential electrician who is always on call, and may have the most number of prospective clients compared to the other three.

About Electricians

Here are the four main types of electricians:

  1. Residential Electrician – Residential electricians are electricians that do house calls, and respond to home electrical emergencies. They do electrical work from installing additional light switches, wiring a ceiling fan, repairing an electrical panel, and other home electrical repairs. They also work in residential buildings like condominiums and apartment complexes.

To be a licensed residential electrician, an individual must undergo classroom training and apprenticeship no shorter than four years. The candidate electrician must also pass state tests and certifications to earn his license. The apprenticeship should

  1. Commercial Electrician – As the title suggests, it is the electrician that works on commercial properties. They also work on electrical systems both for residential and commercial properties. They also work on mechanical systems, commercial complexes and structures, as well as construction sites. They could also be employed by companies whose businesses are not directly involved in electricity but may have something to do with it like alarm systems, and security systems, as installers.

And because their work will affect public safety, seeking license or certification to become a commercial electrician is more challenging. Apart from a more rigorous study program, their apprenticeship should be under the supervision of a master electrician.

  1. Journeymen Electrician – Are electricians that work with utility companies, security companies, and other industrial companies. They usually deal with electrical connections, lighting installations, and even overhead lines. To be a licensed journeymen electrician, one has to undergo as well a classroom type program, and an apprenticeship. They also have to pass examinations and certification tests set by the state.
  2. Master Electrician – As the title suggests, a Master Electrician holds the highest distinction in both work and experience among all the types of electricians in the industry. They are basically electrical engineers that have worked and trained towards becoming a master electrician through at least seven years of apprenticeship and training.

Master Electricians are usually given a supervisory or a managerial role in a company or industry. Some even venture into becoming a contractor. They are not only technically skilled, they are experienced enough.

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