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Reminder -- Webinar for Criminal Defense Attorneys
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Reminder -- Webinar for
Criminal Defense Attorneys

“Digital Forensics and Child Pornography”
October 11, 2013, 11am - 2pm EST

Dear Attorney !*LASTNAME*!,

This is a brief reminder that I will be presenting a 3-hour online seminar entitled "Digital Forensics and Child Pornography" from 11am - 2pm EST on Friday, October 11, 2013. The cost is $75 per person. There are a limited number of virtual seat available.

Click here to register now for the webinar.

Preliminary Outline

Set out below is the draft outline for the Webinar. Please keep in mind that this subject to change. A final outline will be distributed to participants prior to the Webinar.

Introduction and Overview

  • Introduction and Professional Background (5 minutes)
  • What Is Child Pornography? (15 minutes)
    • Federal Law
    • State Law
    • International Law
    • Determining Age of Person Depicted
  • Digital Technology and Child Pornography (30 minutes)
    • Production
      • Scanners
      • Digital Cameras (still and video)
      • Cameraphones (dumb and smart)
      • Webcams
    • Distribution
      • One-to-One
        • Sneakernet
        • Email
        • IM / Chat Room Software
      • One-to-Many
        • Peer-to-Peer Networks
        • Newsgroups and Online Forums
        • Torrent Networks
        • File Hosting Sites
        • Underground Web Sites
    • Consumption
      • Receipt
      • Possession

Digital Investigations

  • Discovery of Criminal Activity (10 minutes)
    • Angry Spouse or Girlfriend
    • Geek Squad
    • Chat Rooms
    • Hash Flags
    • P2P and Torrent Software
    • Server or Payment Logs
  • The Role of IP Addresses(15 minutes)
    • Overview of IP Addresses
    • Tracking to Physical Address
    • Limitations of IP Addresses
  • Intro to Computer Forensics (25 minutes)
    • Increasingly Specialized
      • Computers
      • Mobile Devices
      • Networks
      • Cloud Storage
    • Forensics in the Field and Laboratory
      • Field Previews
      • Mirror Images and Hash Values
      • Staggering Amounts of Data
      • Chains of Custody
      • The Adam Walsh Act
    • Forensics Software
      • Encase
      • Forensic Took Kit (FTK)
      • X-Ways Forensics
      • Specialized Tools
      • A Typical Forensics Report

Defending Child Pornography Cases

  • Pre-Trial Issues (10 minutes)
    • Retaining a Defense Expert
    • Deposition of Government Experts
    • Motions to Suppress
  • Trial Issues (10 minutes)
    • Motions in Limine
    • Cross-Examination
  • Typical Defenses in Child Pornography Cases [Some More Viable Than Others] (30 minutes)
    • Lack of Possession and/or Receipt
      • Mere Browsing
      • The Phantom Hash
    • Accident / Lack of Intent
    • Ignorance / Mistake as to Age of Person Depicted
    • Not a Real Child / Morphed / Computer-Generated
    • Multiple Persons with Access to Device
    • Used Equipment with Pre-Existing CP
    • Viral Infection
    • Planting of Evidence
    • Entrapment

Click here to register now for the webinar.

Schedule a Live Presentation

If you or your local bar association would be interested in discussing this as a possible stand-alone live CLE topic for your members, or as part of an upcoming conference, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

CLE Credit

Please Note: This webinar is currently NOT certified for CLE credit in any jurisdiction. However, my lectures have been certified numerous times by jurisdictions across the country. If you are interested in obtaining CLE credit for this webinar in your jurisdiction, please let me know and I will assist you in applying for the appropriate credit. The webinar will feature attendance checkpoints and original written content.

My Background

I am an attorney and computer forensics expert with fourteen years experience working with state and federal public defenders and private criminal defense attorneys. I was recently accepted as an expert on the methodology and technology of child pornography production and distribution of the DOD Office of Hearings and Appeals, and I have lectured extensively to attorneys and other groups on computer-related legal issues. I have spoken to state and federal public defenders and criminal defense attorneys in a number of states, including Vermont, Washington, D.C. Tennessee, Nevada, Alabama, West Virginia, and California.

Thanks to the advent of the Internet and readily-available digital technology, child pornography cases have become one of the fastest-growing categories of criminal prosecution. Despite an era of shrinking budgets, federal and state legislatures are increasing the resources available to investigate and prosecute child pornography crimes, and steadily increasingly the penalties for conviction.

Defending an individual charged with receipt, possession, distribution, or production of child pornography is increasingly complicated. There is a vast array of software and hardware tools that may be involved, and a potentially staggering amount of electronic information. In order to provide your clients with a thorough and effective defense, you need to understand the basic concepts of electronic data and computer forensics. I am confident that you will find this webinar informative and helpful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like additional details.


Frederick Lane

Frederick Lane Frederick S. Lane
Expert Witness

To Schedule a Seminar for Your Bar Association,
Public Defender Organization,
Or CJA Panel Attorneys,
Please Call 802-318-4604
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Frederick Lane is an author, attorney, educational consultant, expert witness, and lecturer who has appeared on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, the BBC, and MSNBC. He has written seven books, including most recently "Cybertraps for the Young" (NTI Upstream, 2011). All of his books are available on or through his Web site.

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